AirDP was born from passions: from the air supporting a golf ball after a swing, from the family loud laughs in a fine day, from the unmistakable brush-stroke of a free kick, from a new, dynamic, enterprising yet fair approach to life. This is how the brand has been developing, focused on design and attention to details, with a breath of glamour and sports, which have become the hallmarks of our products and accessories with their unique appeal. A light, intangible and unmistakable mood.



AirDP means design, a true concept that is synonymous with style. A collection of accessories made with high-tech materials, featuring a refined and stylish design, born from an idea of Lele Danzi, an entrepreneur from Romagna and Alessandro Del Piero, the football icon and sports champion. Sports and fashion are combined with the family values and the open-air lifestyle to identify versatile, useful and practical products, suitable for everyone and for any times of the day. Your ideal partner whenever you need it, whoever you are and wherever you go.

And if it was not just a pair of glasses…